We provide adaptable and high-speed transportation services for containers and palletized goods, as well as special public transit requirements in and out of Mexico, the United States and Canada.

We got you covered at all stages of the shipping and distribution process.

Consumption and demand levels have reached an all-time high and CASADUANA allows you to continue serving your customers in the United States and Canada. This service includes inventory management, appointment control and invoicing of shipments, which facilitates the interaction with your customers by having the exact amount they require at the time they require it.

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CASADUANA has more than 200,000 sq/ft of container capacity.

Our warehouses give our customers the option to place their shipments in the United States and Canada to bring them the operational flexibility demanded by today’s logistics chains.
Safeguarding is enhanced by electronic entry and exit notifications, allowing you to focus on your strategic tasks while enjoying a practical and simple service at the border.

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Multiple shipments in a single shipment or for delivery to multiple points in North America, regardless of size or weight, includes:

We simplify your operation by consolidating shipments into a single shipment or for delivery to multiple points in North America, no matter the size or weight.
Optimizing and streamlining your logistics chain is important.
We offer you our border services to consolidate multiple shipments to a single carrier or spread them out to different destinations.

  • Palletizing.
  • Wrap.
  • Pick & pack.
  • Detailed pre-packing.
  • Labeling.
  • Subdivisions for lack of Restrictions and Non Tariff Regulations..
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CASADUANA’s information equipment will allow you to know the status of your merchandise in real time.

To face adversity, foreign trade operations are on the rise and volume is increasing, which demands an agile service without sacrificing our purpose, to guarantee customs compliance in every transaction. Now, as never before in history, Mexican Foreign Trade is resilient and strategic for our trading partners, however the complexity increases and CASADUANA simplifies it for you.
By opting for our customs services you will have operational flexibility, state-of-the-art technology and legal certainty in a positive and friendly environment for the end user.
Avoid delays due to lack of knowledge and sleep peacefully knowing that the increase in volume will not have penalties and sanctions for customs errors.

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CASADUANA currently operates under the following flows:

  • Vendor Managed Sales.
  • First In First Out (FIFO).
  • ASN.
  • Point of Sale.
  • Partial Load (LTL).
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